25 bis 26. März 2006

© Beagles and Ramsay

Lee Campbell, Kurator der Ausstellung, führt in das Programm ein und zeigt die Fensterarbeit "Lee Campbell ist ein Adjektiv".

In celebration to the incredible past and present energy and diversity in British video work, curator Lee Campbell presents a major internationally touring survey of video works from the UK which brings together a breathtaking collection of artists who are gaining international acclaim in their works.

ALL FOR SHOW will feature the work of leading British artists alongside emerging talents. Unfettered by a need to theme the show, Campbell hosts a rich mix of engaging work that reveals an unflinching beauty and grace that need not be categorised. Though many artists in the show deal with issues which are all around us and affect our lives as a society, the interpretation of life as an all changing force and constant toy to be played with on a personal level is evident. In selecting the artists for ALL FOR SHOW, Campbell's only criteria was that the work breathed out of the video player, that it stops the viewer in their tracks as they discover a joyous playful quality in the work. As the title suggests, this show will present the personal journeys of discoveries of almost thirty artists interpretations of a world which can never almost appear to be fully worked out on first glances. of maybe a world where everything may just be All For Show?

The aim of this retrospective is not merely to present a survey of contemporary British video works but more to deal with issues beyond a simple categorisation of artists. For this show is a British retrospective with certain works playing upon a certain British humour and awkwardness, as in Beagles and Ramsay's dead pan appropriation of Madonna lyrics, Alexander Costello's passively quiet take on the stiff upper lip notion through to Angela Hicks observation of the British workplace. Yet this exhibition also destroys certain universal truths of "Britishness" with the sublime chaos in the work of Sarah Turner and Paul Masters, Marion Coutts, and Juneau Projects and any culture would surely find beauty in other artists on show who present a universal harmony.

ALL FOR SHOW Artists: Alex Baker, Beagles and Ramsay, Anna Boggon, Sophie Brown, Sarah Collins, Diane Timmins, Elly Clarke, Alexander Costello, Marion Coutts, Douglas Fishbone, Angela Hicks, Sarah Turner, Juneau Projects, Adrian Lee, Jasper Joseph Lester, Paul Masters, Elizabeth McAlpine, Miller and McAfee Press, Harold Offeh

ALL FOR SHOW previous venues:
Edgezones World Arts Building Miami, Florida
Physics Room Christchurch, New Zealand
Lump Gallery Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Soap Factory Minneapolis, USA
Mighty Screenland Theatre Kansas City, USA
Fahrenheit Gallery Kansas City, USA
Het Wilde Weten Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nexus Philadelphia, USA

Foto: Beagles and Ramsay, "Trilogy"

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